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Our Company

Quantrix Corporation: established late 1999 from MacroHard Corporation.

DanTech was initially established in 1994 to provide QBASIC-based MS-DOS applications, utilities, and entertainment titles. MacroHard Corporation was established in April 1999 from DanTech, and has been growing ever since.

MacroHard needed a revitalization, a rebirth. So, Quantrix Corporation and MacroHard Corporation merged to create Quantrix. MacroHard adopted the Quantrix name and it is the company you see today. In the future, we aim to provide our users with a more expansive selection of useful software titles, including some entertainment titles.

Quantrix is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

If you wish to contact us, please visit our contact page. If you are experiencing a problem with Quantrix software, please visit our support page.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with popular, easy-to-use, reliable software solutions that will satisfy their needs.