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SecureIt Pro

Use SecureIt Pro to lock your computer when you're not there. Features galore and ultimate customizability, coupled with its intuitive, user-friendly interface, make SecureIt Pro a charm to use and also offers inscrutable security. Keydisk support, messaging, a custom back door and a host of other security features make SecureIt Pro an all-round, powerful security solution for your computer.



Unclutter your taskbar with WinTray. Use WinTray to hide window buttons from the taskbar. Access hidden windows through space-saving system tray icons and/or time-saving hotkeys.


Random Password Generator

Generate random passwords with the Random Password Generator. Specify length, number, and style of generated passwords with ease. Options include alphanumeric, numeric-only, alphabet-only passwords, and different cases, alphanumeric alternations, ranges of characters to use.



KillWin automatically terminates Windows at a set date and time. Use it to stop yourself from overusing the computer, for automatic power-off, as an alternative shutdown facility or to perform tasks before shutdown.



File too big? Span it, with Spanner. Use Spanner to make big files smaller, by splitting (we call it spanning) these into smaller chunks. A user-friendly interface plus an optional wizard, added with batch file despanning support and password protection make Spanner a versatile file-splitting utility.



Use Syncro as an automatic backup program. It synchronizes a set of files at predetermined times, or after a set interval. Features include file filters, revisions and QuickSync, allowing simple and easy-to-use yet fast and effective synchronization of your files. Specify a destination and go!



WinTool is essentially a beefed-up Windows Task List. Use it to tweak the windows that reside on your computer, and view the processes that are running. Move, hide, show, size, kill, change and more. Do this with WinTool, the ultimate task list replacement.



View a plethora of information about your computer using WinInfo. Type of startup, total uptime, available memory, colors, hardware information, Windows information, input device information - it's here in WinInfo, in an easy to read and understand interface. A must for the information junkie.



A collection of somewhat useful, small programs. No support is provided, however these programs are highly intuitive to operate.