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General Information

KillWin is a versatile application that allows you to shut down, restart, or log off Windows at a specified time and date (we call it Automatic Termination). You can choose to force the termination type (force shut down, force reboot, or force log off), and also you can set a multitude of other options regarding KillWin's actions, reactions, and termination.

KillWin's interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, which adds to the basic simplicity of KillWin. Commands can be accessed from various menu systems, and the main interface is clean and uncluttered.

Automatic Termination can be locked with a password, or deactivation can be disabled completely, which can come in handy if you are trying to stop yourself from overusing the computer. KillWin can be set to start when Windows starts up, and also to activate Automatic Termination.

When KillWin terminates Windows, you can choose from various options like telling KillWin to clear specific folders, or ejecting disks out of their drives.

Use KillWin when you want Windows to terminate automatically at a preset date and time.

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This program is freeware.

File Information

You will need Visual Basic 6 Runtime files in order to run this program. To unzip the installation file, you will also need an unzipping client, like WinZip.


Please read the Quantrix End User's License Agreement before you download and install this program.

Click here (945KB) to download the zipped installation files for KillWin.

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