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General Information

Quantrix Spanner can Span large files into lots of smaller chunks. Specify how large each chunk is going to be, or specify how many chunks to make, click the mouse button a few times, select a file, set a destination, and you're set. It can't get any easier than that. Spanner is a versatile application that does this for you, for a minimal download size. Spanner can also run in Despan mode, which allows you to put together files that have been Spanned by Spanner.

A separate option allows you to create a batch file so that Despanning is possible on machines that do not have Spanner installed. The Batch file process is quick and easy, and provides an effective method of Despanning. You can also choose to lock the Spanner archive with a password, so that only users with a valid password can Despan the archive. This can be useful in keeping prying eyes away from your large files.

Quantrix Spanner - useful, simple, effective. An easy to use splitter utility for all your large files. Archival, storage, transportation of large files is made easy by Spanner.

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This program is freeware.

File Information

You will need Visual Basic 6 Runtime files in order to run this program. To unzip the installation file, you will also need an unzipping client, like WinZip.


Please read the Quantrix End User's License Agreement before you download and install this program.

Click here (498KB) to download the zipped installation files for Spanner.

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