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General Information

Syncro is a user friendly, versatile and useful backup (we call it synchronizing) application that will greatly simply and streamline backing up important files. Allow Syncro to automatically synchronize your files to a backup location on the same drive, or even another removable medium for safe storage of your important data. Using Syncro couldn't be more simple - just give Syncro a source and destination, and Syncro does the rest! Of course, in the grand Quantrix tradition, many customizable features in Syncro provide for a unique and flexible synchronization experience.

Automatic synchronization occurs either every few minutes, or at a set time, depending on what you determine. You can set filters for inclusion or exclusion of files in a certain directory. Also, Syncro can save revisions of files for you if specified. Syncro can be set to display warnings when specific conditions are met - for example if a destination disk is full. Users also have the option of starting Syncro at Windows startup, which provides for even more backup security - never miss a synchronization again.

More features include the ability to log events that happen within Syncro, and a unique QuickSync feature allows quick access to manual synchronization through a simple double-click of the mouse on Syncro's system tray icon.

Syncro - the choice for easy, intuitive and fast backups.

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This program is freeware.

File Information

You will need Visual Basic 6 Runtime files in order to run this program. To unzip the installation file, you will also need an unzipping client, like WinZip.


Please read the Quantrix End User's License Agreement before you download and install this program.

Click here (995KB) to download the zipped installation files for Syncro.

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