Welcome to Quantrix Support.

If you have a question concerning a Quantrix Software title, please check the help file and readme.txt file that were included with the software, if applicable. If these are not available or do not answer your question, please check the product's individual web page for support documents and other information. Also, make sure that you have installed and are running the latest version of the software.

Note that if the problem you are inquiring about has already been dealt with (i.e. it has a product support page about it), then your request for technical support may not be processed. Also, if the problem has been addressed in some other form (a new version release, in the help file, in the readme.txt file, etc), then your request for technical support may also not be processed. Please only send one request for support - multiple submissions will only delay response times and may not be processed.

When contacting technical support, it is of utmost importance that you clearly state exactly what the problem is, what you were doing before it happened, how it happened, what happened after it occurred, any other implications of the problem, other effects, any obscure option(s) that you have set, or generally anything at all that may have something to do with the problem. Vague information only lengthens response time, and ultimately delays a fix.

Please include a valid e-mail address when requesting technical support - it will only hamper efforts to assist you if the e-mail address you provide is not valid.

Avenues for Support

Please utilize the following avenues* to contact Quantrix technical support:

Technical Support

Bug Report Form

Send an email to Quantrix Support

*Important! We do not offer telephone, fax or in-person technical support. We only offer technical support through the above avenues. Requests for other forms of technical support will not be processed.