SecureIt Pro crashes with invalid page fault in module <unknown>

The information in this article applies to:

  • SecureIt Pro 4.60
  • SecureIt Pro 4.61


This behaviour can manifest itself in many ways. Users have reported this behaviour occurring while SecureIt Pro is starting up, while it has also been reported manifesting while SecureIt Pro is unlocking. Typical symptom for this behaviour is the generation of a Windows error box that says SecureIt Pro has caused an invalid page fault in module <unknown>.


The cause of this issue is still largely unknown. However, if the display of incorrect password attempts and messages after unlocking is disabled (in Advanced Settings), then the error should not manifest itself after SecureIt Pro unlocks. The cause is still largely unknown.


Disable the displaying of incorrect password attempts and messages regardless, in the 'After Unlocking' section in the Advanced Settings. This workaround may or may not work.


Quantrix has confirmed that these issues are present in the products listed at the beginning of this article. They are currently being investigated.