If your password does not work or you have forgotten your password...

Please try not to email Support if your query pertains to this problem. Please follow the steps outlined below.

We cannot stress enough that PASSWORDS ARE CASE SENSITIVE! This means that lower-case (eg 'a') letters are NOT THE SAME as upper-case letters (eg 'A'). Please ensure that you have this sorted out.

SecureIt Pro does NOT change your password internally. If you entered the password of 'mypassword' to start with, SecureIt Pro will ONLY accept 'mypassword' as a valid password. It will NOT accept 'Mypassword', 'MYPASSWORD', etc. If your password "does not work", it is because you have made an error entering the password either when you were initially locking it, or when you are trying to unlock it.

If your password "does not work", it is suggested that you try all variants of your password. For example, if you think that your password should be 'mypassword', then you may have typed in 'mtpassword' or 'nypassword' instead of what you thought you typed in. Check that caps-lock was not turned on. Check the case. Check the variants of the password. SecureIt Pro does NOT change your password. You have made an error in entering the password. Please check your password and try again.

If you have forgotten your password, use the password reminder feature of SecureIt Pro to get it back. If you have not enabled this suggested feature, then users of versions 4.50 and above have the option of using a user-defined 'back door' feature. SecureIt Pro would have instructed you on how to operate this feature when you first ran it. Follow these instructions to activate the 'back door'.